DTA (competition)



DTA (draw to adopt)

Doing a DTA for this character!
What's A DTA?

DTA stands for draw to adopt, this is quite self explanatory.
This is a competition where you draw this character and compete against others who also want her/him.


Since I have only given the image of the character you can :
A) create the rest of it yourself.
B) ask someone else to help you.
You can work with other people, the maximum is 3 per group.
If you choose to do so you hand in one entry.
Only one entry per person/group.
If you enter either tag me or reply to this original text.
WIPs are alone but if you publish a WIP I will take that as your entry.


i will judge for the most creative, accurate and detailed* artwork. Colours are not to scale...

*may depend...



post poned until further notice


Muahahahah First Reply!



This is ineresting... So your supposed to draw the rest?


Yes! You can finish the design however you want! It's supposed to end today but I'll most likely postpone it.


I don't understand what you mean...


that should go on the drawing topic
how does this relate to hopscotch


I did this on the drawing topic but someone else asked me just to make my own topic... I'm starting to get mixed messages...