Drum solo bah bah bah


ingnore this topic!!!

Here is a topic on the current and previous best and fastest growing topics of 2016

What u do is nominate a topic name and the top 4 nominated topics will be voted on and whatever one gets the most votes will be voted best topic of 2016.

First person to view please post the fmtl pls thx.

Nominations end on August 13 voting will start August 20


Here are my favorite topics of 2016 that i am nominating:
Nominations for Featured!
Find you Hopscotch Twin! ~Taking Requests~
What Coding means to girls
Talk to a Hopscotcher! (Take 2)
Bye from MagmaPOP


Drawing Topic the Third


@VanillaOwl's general topic :D
I have had a lot of good memories there


Pixel Master 64's general topic or whatever its name is atm xD
Pix im nominating ur topic


Thank you so much! :D

That makes me happy that you enjoy my topic! :D

We will have many more good memories in the future too. :D


Can someone remove me from the FMTL?


You can do it yourself (in poptarts topic) :stuck_out_tongue:


Quietly changes it again yeeeeey


I nominate all the drawing topic versions.

And this is best topics of the first half of 2016, as you end it right smack in the middle of 2016.

And this could be offensive to some.
They could get upset if they don't make it. I have a point, you know.


I nominate badges/ tags/ mod stuff. It's a very useful topic for anyone who just joined the forum!

Badges / tags 🤓🤓/ mod stuff

Wait, isn't bye from magmaPOP depressing?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




I nominate the Annual Summer Contest


Yes. But its also kind of fun thinking of random reasons he left. :wink:

EDIT: OMG I JUST GOT REGULAR YES YES YES YES YES sorry im really happy... YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I was regular once it was awesome!:slight_smile:

I got demoted becuase of flags though.


I dont think you deserved those flags - your a really nice person ;). And thanks!



I said some things that some people didn't like, and some posts just got flagged for no reason and the mod's said it counted.




Which topic ? My one do in mean ?

The link to my topic is here