@DreamyLemon is doing profile pic and drawing requests!



Ok guys i am doing profile pic requests but i also need a helper so you can volunteer to be one! All you need to do to ask for a request is write down what you want! Thx if there are too many requests i will give an update on them every 2 days!


I don't know if I will actually use it as my profile pic, because I'm in love with mine right now! But can you make an awesome smiley face? Be creative, do what you wish with it! Just has to have a smiley face!


Ok im working on it!


It won't upload @SmileyAlyassa !


I will try again wait a minute!


Here ya are :


Can I do one umm...

A girl holding ice cream in a surprised way
The girl is peachy
The girl will have black hair
The hair will be out in a ponytail
The ice cream will be chocolate flavour

I hope it's done soon


Ok it will be done by 6 hoirs because you guys are 6. Hours behind me so yeah!