DreamLand Updates

Name of Project: DreamLand
Link to the Project: DreamLand 1.01 by Phase_Admin
Hi! This is a project I’m going to be updating for a little bit. I want some feedback on what I can improve. This is probably my best old project and I want to improve it! (It does have some bugs I have already recognized, the spikes spawning all clumped next to each other, the stars overlapping.)
It’s a big work in progress, I have ideas to make it a little more than just a jumping game.


You could make the character look hurt when it touches the spike. Overall the game is fun but needs more action


Do you have any ideas for “more action”? I just implemented another “dangerous” object that appears after 5 points.


Update 1.2: DreamLand 1.2 by Phase_Admin
Added a “life” star that appears when you are down to 3 lives.
Working on a start screen, but for some reason, the Change Scene is not working. I have it set when an object is tapped to change to the main scene but it never seems to work.
Does anyone have a solution?



maybe something?

I dont know why, but your scene block looks weird. Yours(at least on my screen) looks like this:

While normally for me it looks like this:


I see it too:

And correct, normally it’s what you just showed in the 2nd picture.

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That’s really weird. I’ll delete and redownload the app if that fixes the block for me.


Update 1.3: DreamLand 1.3 by Phase_Admin

  • Got the start screen working!
  • Added a pause button
  • Another life is granted at 15 points

I am going to add more levels with different terrain, possibly making it more liminal.


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