Drawings Get More Likes?


Recently, I tried drawing on hopscotch. Got 26 likes for a 2 minute Alice in Wonderland, 14 likes for a sketch of fingers and string, and was definitely caught off guard. I'm no @OrangeScent1 artist or anything, but seriously? 26 likes may not seem like a lot to you, but compared to my other projects where I actually put EFFORT in, it's double the likes. I spent THREE days on a coding project as to TWO MINUTES of doodling and received 12 likes. I was shocked. Wordless... Maybe even jealous... Jealous of myself... Why my ALMOST NO EFFORT art gets more appreciation than my HARD WORK coding. I was truly heartbroken today though. I created pixel art, that in my opinion, was great. 12 likes. BAM.
Here is the link to it- https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xrrqxpyow
Now here is the link to a one minute doodle that got the same appreciation- https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xrrnzjfu
It is a drawing of a flower, if it doesn't show up. I'm seriously disappointed and depressed. Good night to you all.

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I don't know why the link turns it black and white... Check it out on my profile tho. It's called 'Ice Cream Pixel Art.'


@Snoopy, I am going to draw a simple drawing and see if it has the same effect. If it does, I'm disappointed.


Which is why I don't draw, but music instead

:+1::+1: nice speech


Actually, @Snoopy, I can't. I cannot publish something unless it is perfect. This could take a while...:sweat_smile:




Publish it soon :wink: we want to see it!


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Yeah... I put a lot of effort in my work and then a drawing and BOOM 30 likes.


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Take this for an example:

I published a web I made and got 11 likes. Then I drew a super quick sketch and it got 37 likes.


I sometimes get this too!
A drawing of mine that took maybe 15 minutes at most gets over 100 likes, while the music I spent an afternoon coding?
4. 4 Likes.

It really confuses me why people like something I literally spent 5 minutes on much more than something that took a lot of time to code.

I'm not hating on artists, btw. Just saying that it's a bit strange how my drawings get more likes than my code.


Idk about this for an example but this got on featured (aka my first feature:heart_eyes:) it's a horrible drawing of Magikarp. Heck, maybe it was the words that got it their. Nah, I think tht put it on cause the thought it was funny.

Plus, a much better drawing on the right only received 5 even though it looks much better. Meowstic is still in my heart :sob:


I guess but @Gilbert189's don't tap the text project received my heart. When a drawing gets over the amount he did.


Here's an example:
Really bad doodle I did for fun:

100+ likes.
Coding project I spent 3 hours on:


This will forever confuse me. Forever. 🤔


I agree.
Last night, I posted my first real time-spent coding project. It took about maybe 2-4 hours to complete, and I was very happy with it. A minute later, I got a request and did it. However, when I finished, the project that took SO LONG had about 1 like, and the drawing, after 3 minutes, had almost 5 likes. The drawing took me maybe 10 minutes? I found this ridiculous.


:o I'm bamboozled :0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0


Coding in Hopscotch has been slowly decreasing. In its place, more and more remixes are coming up. And not only remixes. Drawings too. But when I say remixes, I'm emphasizing the ones that get featured. Believe it or not, the latest featured project is one that someone remixes and probably took 5 seconds to do! Wow! What has Hopscotch become? A remixing/drawing program? Well newsflash people! Hopscotch was meant for coding! People should start coding more! That's all that I have to say, but people, please understand that Hopscotch is for coding!

Sorry if I sounded rude!:confused::disappointed::worried::frowning::anguished:


So I don't publish drawings on Hopscotch, but I've noticed this too. Why? Coding is the point of Hopscotch, so why does art get more likes? I don't understand it and I don't think I ever will. If I like art, I at least try to like stuff with under 3 hearts. It helps the artist out. But if this is a problem, the forum people can just decrease the amount of liking art projects? Just a possible solution.


Not only is drawing happening a lot, but remixes are too. There has never been a time hen I published a project and the surrounding three weren't remixes!