Drawings: Anyart/clipart that you think is good



Can someone help me to create like a creative drawing cloud? Maybe put you're drawings of anything on this chain? Thanks!


Welcome to the forum! :D

Also there's already a drawing topic


Welcome to the forum!

We can be friends!!

There is already a drawing topic!

Here it is!


Ok, thanks, I dunno- this wasn't like a comparison more of just anything you draw: was it a bad idea?:confused:


No no it was a great idea!

But someone already created it

In the drawing topic you just post your drawings so people can see it!


Ok, what should I do... Sorry if I seem like a newbie to the forum slight_smile:


Because you are new!


It is okay!


Yep, thanks! Should I just post some art on a different topic or try and inspire this one? BTW I saw all the new drawing topics like you said, wow!


Btw welcome!! Tag me anytime you want help! Just type "@KVJ"!


This was two months ago!