Drawings and requests and bleh (Blauedasher’s general topic)


Hai I’m bluedasher dis is my FIRST topic and I just want to share some of my art and see your opinions of my art! Just a bunch of opinions bout people’s art :S

Bunch of my art and not my art:

Three colored challenge with a friend She didn’t finish

Oc I made I like the word “Styx” so I named this beast or monster Styx

Some art I had in my house


These are all really nice!

However, there is already a drawing topic that you can post art on, too many topics can clog the forum!

Would you like me to give you a link to it?


Sure :3 I made my own because I thought in the latest topics a lot of people wouldn’t look at my art, I was afraid they were going to harass me


maybe this can be your general topic where you can chat and still post art and stuff


Don’t be afraid that people will harass you! Aside from a couple of trolls and stuff, we’re all pretty kind here :slight_smile:
Also, yeah, even more people can see your art when you post it on the art topic! There are lots of artists on here… we’re on our 16th art topic already!


Try posting on this topic
Drawing On Paper Compared to an IPad (Shading, shaping, etc) Topic 16 [OFFICIAL]


Yo yo
It’s me Havke :DDDD


Hai Havke
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Boi no ones anywhere


I’ve lounged your latest topic


Ok whatever dat is

What’s a lounge


The lounge is a special category that only people with “regular” status or above can access.