DrawingPony’s Return


Hello!!! Does anyone remember DrawingPony?
Well that’s me… I was wondering how things were going while I was gone and just wanted to check in with Hopscotch since it’s been a while. Haha, I remember my Golden Years of hopscotch back in fourth and a bit of fifth grade. I’m in sixth grade now! I have exciting news. I’ll be returning to Hopscotch soon! Dunno when but it’s coming. I’m so excited. By the way my art has changed tons. You guys should check out my dA, lilghostiixx I post art on there obviously. So yeah, I guess I’m coming back!!


ahh the nostalgia wipes tear from face

You probably didn’t know who I was but I was CrazyGenius75


Hopscotch has changed alot




Hello! I think that I recognize your name from somewhere, which probably means that I remember you!
Welcome back to Hopscotch! :slight_smile:


Welcome back to Hopscotch!
I actually remember your username, and I can’t wait for your epic comeback project! :smile:

Be sure to share the link for it when you release it!!


Hey I actually remember someone with that name! Hi! Thanks for the warm welcome! :slight_smile: