Drawing with Negative Numbers



I was creating these 3D "tests," and my first test was called Test 1A. On Test 1B, the second version of Test 1, I repeated the code over and over again and it resulted by drawing a square-shaped tunnel using negative numbers. I'm guessing that as the negative numbers grew, the "negative" square tunnel grew in shape as well. Check out the screen shot. You can also go to my Hopscotch profile, MissieCunning, and check out Test 1B. I hope this works:


By the way, I had to choose a category and all I saw was "help." Is there a way to choose a different category?


I don't think there is


Except for the Lounge, which is for the Regulars.
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Here's a link.


Lol I saw this project on Newest just recently, and I was like, oh wow, that's a good project compared to the others..
Anyways, here's a like! :heart: I see that your 3D tests are running great! :wink:


Your 3D tests are awesome! :smiley:


Thanks for the link, now I know more about trust levels.


Thanks! I'm not surprised that you recognized it, someone was eventually going to see it. Thanks!


Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it! I'm really a beginner in 3D stuff, the only really successful 3D project I had was the one I created that was guided by the 3D Shading video. I also created a sword/spear shading project, but it wasn't really shading... Once again, thanks!


That must've took some experimenting! Deserves Featured!


Honestly, I came upon this on accident. I was just working on Test 1A on Hopscotch, and suddenly the project used negative numbers to create a strange tunnel. I fixed it before I published it, but then I republished it so that it would use the "negative number tunnel" again and republished it with the name "Test 1B" since it was the second version of the test. Anyway, thanks a bunch!


By the way, I completed a related test called "Test 1D :upside_down:" that uses the same negative numbers to complete a plain tunnel using negative numbers. Here is the link and screenshot: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xv67mm5bf