Drawing with Hopscotch Topic 01 [OFFICIAL]

Tad bit aggressive but I think TDO was kindly making a point :slight_smile:



About Me (Dogwithapen)

Hi I’m a digital artist. I have been drawing for 3 years now and I love the hobby! I mainly draw humans but everyday I learn new skills in art and I try to expand my horizon. I use the sketches digital art app. I also like making bgs and trail arts in hopscotch, but I haven’t touched the app in a while as my school removed it off all school iPads.

Recent art Portfolio

These first two art designs for doll repaints I want to make.

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Ooo, nice drawings! :ok_hand:t4:
The tag is so that we can add your portfolio to the wiki in post 5.


@kayro here’s the commission you asked for. (It’s also transparent to allow for better gameplay in Hopscotch ;)) )

watermarked copy


Does anyone have cc for my latest drawing? (Bottom of portfolio)
I feel like I did pretty well proportion wise but I’d still like to improve.


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@FearlessPhoenix i’m Sorry for being a bother.
But I was hoping I could put my leaving message back here.

I know this isn’t like the drawing topic I remember, I read the guidelines at the top after you removed it from here.
I would just like to have my message here because the only people who probably remember me would be in this topic.

I don’t have a portfolio to give. Mostly because I don’t intend on staying. My message contains my art in the background. I was hoping that would be enough to let it stay here. If you really wanted, I could slap together a portfolio and even accept requests for a short while.

I also have no idea where you put it. If you put it somewhere else that was more appropriate then I’m again, sorry for being a bother.

Please consider it.


Leaving posts aren’t allowed. It’s just that simple.
You broke two guidelines by doing that
No leaving posts and artwork only in a portfolio.

That’s two reasons to have moved it, and two reasons I can’t let you have the post back.

I didn’t move it anywhere more appropriate, unless you count a “trash topic” as more appropriate. I did the equivalent of deleting the post, and like with a deleted post, I can’t let you have it back.

I’m sorry.


Well then I’m sorry for wasting your time.

If I have time then I will reread the guidelines and try to make a portfolio.

Thank you for your time and patience.


Nah man, not a waste of time at all. Glad I could help and sorry I couldn’t give you your post back.

That’d be great to see if possible , your art is amazing :slight_smile:

No problem , lemme know if you need anything else


There’s the FearlessPheonix I remember!

Your first few posts to me were so different then I remembered I thought you were a hole other person!

I’ll be thorough on my reading of the guidelines don’t you worry!
I’m happy to closely follow the rules for my short stay back here. :+1:


Hello there!


Here is my portfolio:
(If you see anything against the topics guidelines let me know and I’ll fix it.)

Normal style


Cute foods



I do digital infrequently so it will take longer than watercolor requests
I’m sorry that my art is so specific and rather strange. I can try to draw backgrounds and other objects if you ask.

I can do the smaller categories of things in digital as well as in watercolor.

Information regarding Requests

Please let my know if the art you want is a picture or a sprite for a game.
For a picture:
Please give me the picture of the character, camera angle, scenario, pose, background, facial expression and mood for the digital art
If it’s watercolor then it is fine to leave everything out other than facial expression, picture of the character and pose.

For sprite:
Give me a very detailed description of the pose and a picture of the character.
If it’s an object then it is alright to just describe what it should look like.

This goes for everything:
Let me know if you would like it without lines.

Warning: I will sacrifice a lot or even all of shading on digital art if you want it without lines.

Also, let me know if you need transparent backgrounds.


That’s super good

I wish I could draw like that :sweat_smile:



Sorry for not responding I was working on my portfolio.

Also… I’m not sure if we should be chatting here…?

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Thank you.

Care to give a request?


Might want to take out the whole leaving part at the end. Just a reminder that topics/posts about leaving aren’t allowed