Drawing with Hopscotch Topic 01 [OFFICIAL]

Nice drawings btw


do you see how I put your picture in a folder, so you have to click on the arrow to see it?

if/when you make more art and want to post it, all you have to do is edit that post and upload the image between the [details] and the [/details] in the editor. you can add up to 9 more images this month, and next month you can make a new portfolio with up to 10 images.

I’ve also linked your portfolio to this master post. check out some other artists’ portfolios if you’d like to see what we’re going for.

I’m Serenity btw, and I’m a leader here on the forum. basically that means I have a couple extra buttons on my screen, but I’m just like the rest of us otherwise. my team and I are here to help you out and make you feel safe here. :D


Welcome to the forum, Choco!


Who’s Choco


Read the posts above it’s kind of obvious


The User-Friendly Guide to Commissioning

Use this guide to navigate our artist community!

How to Request a Commission:
Looking for some art to use in your latest project? Need some help making your aesthetic just right? Admire someone’s art so much you wish they’d design your characters? Try submitting a commission!

First, tag the artist you’re commissioning. Then, copy and paste the following form into your draft, and fill it out.

Username (who):
Commission (what):
Purpose (why):
Medium (how):
Timeframe (when):
Estimated Project Completion Date:

If you're lost, click for some short descriptions of what each slot means.

Username: Your Hopscotch username.

Commission: What would you like the artist to draw? Keep this description short (under 25 words); if the artist accepts they will ask you for the details they need.

Purpose: What kind of project are you using the commission for? Again, keep it concise.

Medium: How will the commission be incorporated into your project? Will it be a trail art? Pixel art? Shape art? Direct import using the subscription? Something else?

Timeframe: When do you need the commission finished? Be ready to talk with the artist about this; it may take longer or shorter depending on the kind of piece or the artist’s schedule.

Estimated Project Completion Date: When do you think you will finish your project? This doesn’t have to be exact, but it’s helpful to know what to expect.

Notes: Anything extra you might have to say about your request can go here.

If the artist is interested, they will likely reply with more specific questions and an estimate for when they can finish the commission. This is where your communication skills come in! Make sure both of you come to an understanding before continuing.

Once the artist has accepted the commission and has started working on it, all that’s left to do is wait. When the art is finished, you can download the image and use it for your project. Don’t forget to post a link to the finished product so we can see the fruit of your teamwork!

How to Receive a Commission:
Are you an artist who wants to participate in the drawing topic? Have you received a commission request form and don’t know what to do with it? Here are some steps to make the most of your professional experience.

If you’ve been tagged to a commission request form, consider it a compliment! This means someone likes your art so much they want to use it in a project. You don’t have to accept the commission if you are too busy or uninterested, but if you do, there are two things you should do next:

  1. Ask for specifics. You need to know what exactly to draw, right? If you have a form for requests, now would be the time to use it. Ask the commissioner to be as detailed as possible, or to provide a reference photo if you prefer.
  2. Give a timeframe estimate. How long do you think it will take you to finish the commission? Let the commissioner know so they can schedule their project appropriately.

Once the commissioner has responded and both of you have come to an understanding, you’re free to start your creative process! You are the artist, so feel free to take creative liberty with your work. If you want to check up at any point with the commissioner to make sure you’re both on the same page, don’t be afraid to do so.

When you’ve finished, post a watermarked copy of your art to the drawing topic. In a folder, add a non-watermarked copy so the commissioner can download and use it. When the project is finished, the commissioner will let you know so you can see the result of your efforts!


my apologies for not having a resource like this ready at the launch of the dt, but I’ve been seeing some hesitance about commissioning and wanted to help out. it may seem hard to get started with something no one’s done before, especially with so many ‘don’ts’ involved. the goal with this guide is to help y’all by showing you what you can do. hope this helps!


This is very helpful!
So by my understanding , we aren’t allowed to commission people without needing it for a hopscotch project? Or can it be “projects” like profile pictures, school projects, etc?


I think Fea has said somewhere that profile pic requests are no longer allowed, so I won’t contradict that unless/until I find proof otherwise (or a change in policy).

I don’t think discretion has been given for school projects yet. for now I would play it safe and keep to hopscotch projects, but I can see school projects being negotiable on a case-by-case basis. if it helps, I could ask?


Can anyone make a polyart or very simple drawing of the Statue of Liberty (full body, and forward facing w/o too many curves), for a shape or trail art, if that’s allowed to request?
I’d give credit of course.


Sure I can try


Interested in four commisioners

Artist One

Username- From CoderOfMagic to whoever

Commision- so the character in the form in a more masculine way. Please make it still able to pass off as female. Ex- shorter hair and boy clothes. On the shirt please say “How I feel I look.”

Purpose- For my coming out project. This is a picture I will need a peep to turn into a pixel art and to resemble a demiboy. It’ll also be in the project

Medium- So kinda medium color, like not too much of pastel? On the internet and someone who’s had art experience! Also colored

Timeframe- uh you have a week or so?

Project date- So hopefully this August but if not Fea will check if I’m making it!

Notes- So please also put a picture of your persona or fav Oc. I need it for artist three to draw one of the group pics! Thank you!

Artist Two

Username- CoderOfMagic for an Experienced Artist
Commission- *The character with a white shirt with the human rights Campaign sign and jeans, along with a lesbian flag draped around them
Purpose- for my coming out project to resemble a flag.
Medium- So pastelish? I mean don’t alter the colors if the person but with the flag sure. Internet and colored.
timeframe In around two weeks please
Project date *August but if I’m not done Fea will check
notes Please also submit your Oc or fav persona for artist three to draw group pic for artist credit! thanks!

Artist three

Username- *CoderOfMagic for a EXTREMELY experienced artist.
Commission- So when Artist Two and Artist one and Pixel artist one will submit your Oc could you draw them plus your favorite Oc/persona for a group credit pic? Up to waist
Purpose- Coming out project to resemble art credit
Medium- So plain ig, internet colored
timeframe You have three weeks
Project date August but if I don’t finish it by then Fea will check in it
notes You will be doing more group pics so please be committed. You may draw yourself with a crown because you’ll be drawing more UwU thanks!

Pixel arter one

Username- CoderOfMagic for anyone
Commission- Artist one’s commission turned into an easy up to 24 lined pixel art. More lines if absolutely necessary*
Purpose- Coming out project
Medium- Uh on sandbox or any pixel app?*
timeframe A week after I tag you with drawing
Project date August but if not Fea will check on it
notes You don’t have to put what’s on the shirt UwU. Please submit pic of favorite/persona for group pic! Thanks!

People who I recommend and want to do this
Person one- Demiboy


Person two-lesbian kiddo


Pixel artist


Group artist


Anyone can do it if match descriptions!

Character every commission is based off


Tag me with Artist Number you would like to be so I can choose a couple! Thanks so much guys!

Places Taken
Spot One- DemiBoy pride kiddo- @TGIF
Spot two- Lesbian pride peep- @ChickenGirl
Spot three- Group picture- Also CG
Spot four- Pixel Art- @tankt2016


I’m not one of the people you tagged, but I just wanted to say this commission form is super well done! thank you for taking a risk :blush: and I wish you lots of fulfillment with your coming out project!!


I’d like to do the pixel art!


yeah I wish it’s a success lol
(If you have time yo can do it if you want lol it doesn’t matter :wink: )


Hey! I’d be happy to do the second drawing for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: good luck !


Is it ok if I do it with the new lesbian flag?


Yeah it’s fine friend!
Also thanks :slight_smile:
That means a lot!


I can do the group pic to, I have a lot of time for art this summer lol


If no one else wants to that is