Drawing with Hopscotch Topic 01 [OFFICIAL]

Welcome to the new and revised Drawing with Hopscotch Topic (DHT)

A few notes before the rules :

What exactly is the correlation between art and programming? For several years, many coders here on the forum have wondered about this crazy, energetic, but (obviously) creative community within a community. Some scratch their heads and ask why these users are even here and how their craft has anything to do with coding or even Hopscotch—other than to draw thousands of pictures on the app. Many of you artists just want to be creative and don’t see how what you do can connect to coding, but you’re thankful that Hopscotch has let you keep your opportunity to share your art.

The Hopscotch Leaders are about to answer this question and bridge the gap between two very diverse, but very essential communities.

Games like Angry Birds, RPGs and even the ubiquitous Mario depend on artists to help map out their visions and flesh out their code. From mockups to maps, backgrounds to sprites, artists play an integral part in helping programmers create a marketable and attractive product. The new drawing topic will help connect Hopscotch coders with the artists who can provide elements which can be used within the games that we all love to create and play on the app.


  • All art posted will either be part of a portfolio (see next point) or a direct commission to be used in a published Hopscotch project as a collaborative work.
  • Artists may create one portfolio post per month of their current art styles. The more varied your entries, the more exposure you receive for your talent: backgrounds (landscapes, geometrical/abstract, etc); characters (human, creature, robotic, etc); props (indoor/outdoor, land/air/space, etc.). You may combine elements into one picture if desired but may not post more than 10 pictures total in your portfolio post.
  • Artwork may be in any format the artist prefers: digital or paper, pen/ink or paint. Paper Mario, Lumino City, and Yoshi’s Crafted World are examples of games that use “handmade” art styles, so draw away!
  • To protect the copyrights of posted artwork, all artists are strongly advised to add a clear watermark of their HS or forum username across the body of their submission in portfolio posts. For actual art exchanges, include two copies (one with watermark and one without) to both prove your ownership of your work and also allow a clear, downloadable copy for the commission. Rather than tagging users who may want to see your work, only tag the user(s) who have permission to use your work in their project. Screen print your post or copy the link to your post for your own verification of this agreement in the event that someone uses your artwork without your authorization.
  • A brief bio of 100 words or less may precede your art within the same portfolio post. At a minimum, share your preferred art medium (paper, digital, pixel/trail art) and area of skill (people, animals, landscapes).
  • Collaboration requests for art elements may be posted here. Due to the nature of this forum, no real money will be exchanged. Any user requesting a commission agrees to give credit to the artist for their contribution to the project in which that art will be used. If you are not directly involved in such an agreement, please respect the intellectual property rights and usage of the artwork, the artist and those who commission.
  • Any artwork published here by the original creator and publicly shared outside of the Hopscotch forum or Hopscotch app without permission of said creator will be considered stolen and Hopscotch will not be liable for damages. Likewise, posts of derivative art or references must give attribution to the original from which it was inspired. Copied or uncredited derivative artwork will be removed to protect the intellectual property rights of the original creator.
  • All portfolios may only be posted once. If you cannot edit it, tag a leader and they will edit it for you with your image.
  • All portfolios may only have 10 pictures. You may not swap out different pictures to bypass the 10 image limit. You also may not combine multiple pictures into one to bypass this limit. Cohesive group pictures, however, are fine.

Other art submissions to the new Drawing Topic.

If you are not involved in drawing art for coding project commissions you may still post art here! How?

  • Any user who creates art using a Hopscotch art pad may also post the links here on the condition that they first post a link to the drawing pad that they personally designed/coded in HS and in which they primarily draw. Hopscotch artists may use drawing pads from other artists for the purposes of constructive criticism or appreciation, so long as they have first posted the link to their own coded drawing pad and submit at least half of their art posts using their own pad. This is designed to encourage coding artists to work on improving their own drawing pads as they test other art pads in circulation.
  • Links to Trail art and Pixel art created on the Hopscotch app, along with any art made with the subscription options.
  • Links to collaborations that need art can be posted here along with links to HS art compets.

For help formatting your portfolio please see This Helpful Guide that walks you through it step by step and explains the portfolio rules.

For commissions please see The User-Friendly Guide to Commissioning.


hello everyone! super excited to see this topic launch. here’s a sample portfolio for your inspiration :)

Sample Portfolio (compiled by the leaders)

art by Serenity, from spring 2019:

Hi! I’m Serenity, a paper artist who loves fantasy. I’m best at drawing people, and I like my art to be lighthearted with a touch of ethereality. I use micron pens and crayola colored pencils, but I have no problem trying new subjects or mediums. I’m always working to improve!

trail art by William04GamerA, from spring 2019:

I’m William04GamerA, both on the forum and on the Hopscotch app. I am a trail art artist and coder that posts one new project every day. They are mostly trail arts. Here are two of my latest creations that I am very proud of:

Art by SuperGirl3Acer

Art by Roller_Blade

Hi, I’m Roller_Blade! My preferred art medium is digital, but I like to try new things.


Pixel Art by FearlessPhoenix

I’m FearlessPhoenix. I code a lot on Hopscotch, and make a lot of stuff. Lately though, I’ve been doing a lot of pixel art, and some of them have actually gotten featured. Here are two of them:


interested in commissioning? see this post for some tips!


Quick links to individual artist portfolios:

Name (link to post)

Sample Artist (Drawing with Hopscotch Topic 01 [OFFICIAL])

Use this format:
“Name” [portfolio, month year](Post link)
{Remove the space between the ] and ( to create the link}

June 2019

tankt2016 portfolio, June 2019
iReesesCup portfolio, June 2019
ChickenGirl portfolio, June 2019
rednoodles portfolio, June 2019
Amberheart portfolio, June 2019
YogiLC portfolio, June 2019
DECODECO portfolio, June 2019
smishsmash portfolio, June 2019
GameCodingCrazy123 portfolio, June 2019
PerilTheSkywing portfolio, June 2019
Mindcool24 portfolio, June 2019 portfolio, July 2019
Rodrik834 portfolio, June 2019 portfolio, July 2019
CoderOfMagic portfolio, June 2019
TGIF portfolio, June 2019
Refugeecat123 portfolio, June 2019
TheDeliciousOrange portfolio, June 2019
Shae portfolio, June 2019
BlackSeal portfolio, June 2019
Got_this_glow portfolio, June 2019
Toxiccato portfolio, June 2019
DogWithAPen portfolio, June 2019

July 2019

ChocoMcMuffin portfolio, July 2019
yoshim7 portfolio, July 2019
TheDrawer portfolio, July 2019
Mathgirl portfolio, July 2019
CTS portfolio, July 2019
TGIF portfolio, July 2019
Refugeecat123 portfolio, July 2019
Rodrik834 portfolio, July 2019
ChickenProductions7 portfolio, July 2019
Serenity portfolio, July 2019
Koletsgo portfolio, July 2019
DogWithAPen portfolio, July 2019

August 2019

Rednoodles portfolio, August 2019
Refugeecat123 portfolio, August 2019
Yoshim7 portfolio, August 2019
koletsgo portfolio, August 2019
DogWithApen portfolio, August 2019
TheDrawer portfolio, August 2019
YogiLC portfolio, August 2019
ThatEnglishMuffin portfolio, August 2019
CTS portfolio, August 2019
TheDeliciousOrange portfolio, August 2019
FearlessPhoenix portfolio, August 2019
DatKawaiiPillow portfolio, August 2019

September 2019

Koletsgo portfolio, September 2019
M_W_K portfolio, September 2019
ChickenGirl portfolio, September 2019
Gobli09 portfolio, September 2019
AmiiboTrash portfolio, September 2019
Rednoodles portfolio, September 2019
Refugeecat123 portfolio, September 2019
ThatEnglishMuffin portfolio, September 2019
DatKawaiiPillow portfolio, September 2019
TheDrawer portfolio, September 2019
Tankt2016 portfolio, September 2019
JACG2018MASTER portfolio, September 2019
DogWithAPen portfolio, September 2019
MathGirl portfolio, September 2019
GameCodingCrazy123 portfolio, September 2019
Shae portfolio, September 2019

October 2019

DogWithAPen portfolio, October 2019
Ani_Lori portfolio, October 2019
ILovePie portfolio, October 2019
ilovechickens portfolio, October 2019
WalterInPoland portfolio, October 2019
DatKawaiiPillow portfolio, October 2019
Elemental_Cat portfolio, October 2019
TheDrawer portfolio, October 2019
Muffin portfolio, October 2019

November 2019

AmiiboTrash portfolio, November 2019
ChickenProductions7 portfolio, November 2019
Koletsgo portfolio, November 2019
ChickenGirl portfolio, November 2019
CheckerKnightOfRen portfolio, November 2019
Sage portfolio, November 2019
Red portfolio, November 2019
Chai_tea_yeen portfolio, November 2019
Someone45356 portfolio, November 2019
TheDeliciousOrange portfolio, November 2019
MarissaBunBun portfolio, November 2019
DatKawaiiPillow portfolio, November 2019
tankt2016 portfolio, November 2019
BlackSeal portfolio, November 2019
Bluedasher portfolio, November 2019
Fluffymarshmellow portfolio, November 2019
littleredluna portfolio, November 2019
Mindcool24 portfolio, November 2019
Pinkcupcake8 portfolio, November 2019

December 2019

GweTV portfolio, December 2019
Koletsgo portfolio, December 2019
Nobody portfolio, December 2019
AmiiboTrash portfolio, December 2019
ColourfulBlack portfolio, December 2019
ChickenGirl portfolio, December 2019
Serenity portfolio, December 2019
Sage portfolio, December 2019
AstrosUwU portfolio, December 2019
Ref portfolio, December 2019
DatKawaiiPillow portfolio, December 2019
Rodrik834 portfolio, December 2019
CheckerKnightOfRen portfolio, December 2019
Mindcool24 portfolio, December 2019
Red portfolio, December 2019
PinkCupcake8 portfolio, December 2019
ilovechickens portfolio, December 2019
Elemental_Cat portfolio, December 2019
ColourfulBlack portfolio, December 2019
YogiLC portfolio, December 2019
bun.ira portfolio, December 2019
BlueDasher portfolio, December 2019
Temmy portfolio, December 2019
PerilTheSkywing portfolio, December 2019
ArtMan portfolio, December 2019
Elemental_Cat portfolio, December 2019
Ihasfluffycupcakes portfolio, December 2019
tehgreatdoge portfolio, December 2019

January 2020

AmiiboTrash portfolio, January 2020
ChickenGirl portfolio, January 2020
PinkCupcake8 portfolio, January 2020
AstrosUwU portfolio, January 2020
Maltese portfolio, January 2020
ColourfulBlack portfolio, January 2020
Red portfolio, January 2020
bun.ira portfolio, January 2020
ilovechickens portfolio, January 2020
XiaoMiaoMi portfolio, January 2020
TheDeliciousOrange portfolio, January 2020
DatKawaiiPillow portfolio, January 2020
Ref portfolio, January 2020
GweTV portfolio, January 2020
LovelyLemons portfolio, January 2020
MathGirl portfolio, January 2020
Dragongirl1264 portfolio, January 2020
Temmy portfolio, January 2020
DogWithAPen portfolio, January 2020
Dakoan portfolio, January 2020
Nobody portfolio, January 2020
Cocoa_Viola portfolio, January 2020
iReesesCup portfolio, January 2020
Ducks_Happy portfolio, January 2020

February 2020

AmiiboTrash portfolio, February 2020
BluDasher portfolio, February 2020
ChickenGirl portfolio, February 2020
Anonymous portfolio, February 2020
Sage portfolio, February 2020
LovelyLamons portfolio, February 2020
XiaoMiaoMi portfolio, February 2020
sister portfolio, February 2020
TheDeliciousOrange portfolio, February 2020
GweTV portfolio, February 2020
iReesesCup portfolio, February 2020
Rodrik834 portfolio, February 2020
ilovechickens portfolio, February 2020
_Shae portfolio, February 2020
Mindcool24 portfolio, February 2020

Portfolios continued here!

Insert your name and portfolio post here for a super fast reference to your art! :sunglasses:


Topic is now open!
Remember to keep things on topic. This is not a chatting topic.

Please reference the rules in the Opening Post and you can view a sample portfolio here.


Happy anni!


Hey can I ask for a request, like for a pixel art?




here ya are


Yeah as long as you use it in a hs project and there’s proof of that.


Any questions about the new Drawing Topic can be asked here: SPOILER ALERT: new and revised Hopscotch Drawing Topic

Okie sure!

Fea may I request something from you?

@Leaders we need you!


It’s for late summer, but knowing me I should start coding it soon!

Could I please have a butterfly? Thanks!



I’ll get started drawing a pixel art template for you


Great, no need to do it rn or anything as it’s for August!



How complicated do you want it to be?



Whatever is easiest for you, I don’t mind as long as it’s not that hard!


Cool :slight_smile:


New drawing topic, cool!

Wip portfolio

I’m an artist who absolutely despises art classes, knows barely any techniques, and loves to code on Hopscotch.
I prefer drawing on paper using pencils and brush pens, and I also draw digitally.
I’ll take requests for drawings (only about 2 at most each week though), trail art, and shape art.
(Also please don’t save my art, unless it’s a request I drew for you.)
68 words

Digital Lineless Style


Digital Cat Style

Trail Art


Shape Art


Pixel Art

I drew this one on an app (Sandbox Coloring) and then coded it.

If you want to request a drawing, please choose digital or paper, and choose a style.
If you want to request a pixel art, please choose whether you want it drawn (on an app called Sandbox Coloring), coded, or drawn then coded.
If you want to request a drawing, trail art, shape art, or pixel art, please describe the person/animal/object you’d like made, or post a ref pic.


Bro I was with the first dt whenever it was made and I missed when the last one closed cause i was on a school trip :(

Anyways I do digital usually, and irl stuff with paint or sketches whenever I have time

June portfolio, so far

I can also do requests/commissions, but I prefer human/humanoid characters. Like, no complete furries or animals