Drawing With Decimals?



Hello! I was trying to set the width in a leave a trail block to 35/100 to make really thin lines. It wasn't working so I tried 50/100. I even waited a few seconds, but nothing happened. Does the leave a trail block accept this? I set it as a value and out the value block in width. Please help! Also does anyone know how to type a normal division sign? The line with 2 dots?


hi im a bit confused maybe you could show some screenschots?


Basically you just go to safari and type in a decimal than copy it and paste it in to hopscotch.


Hi SoapyBubbles I think unfortunately we can't use decimals for drawing width :confused: it hasn't worked for me before either.

You can copy this division sign รท and add it into your Keyboard Shortcuts :smiley:


Thanks for trying @t1_hopscotch! How do you add it to your keyboard shortcuts?

How to add keyboard shortcuts on iPad

Hi @SoapyBubbles I made a post here on how to add keyboard shortcuts :smiley: