Drawing tutorials?


He guys. Could anyone teach me how to draw? Ppl say I'm the best drawer in class, but i still draw bad. Help maybe? Thank you :slight_smile:


If you need help with kawaii, you can ask me! c:


Cool! Thanks, @Sensei_Coder!


I don't really know what to teach, sorry.

Maybe ask it here? We try to keep drawing things there.


I shall make ze Basic Anatomy Tutorial!
I am sure your style is amazing, if you're the best in your class! There are so many people in my class who I would love to draw half as well as.
One Basic Anatomy Tutorial coming up!


Honestly, I draw better on paper than on an iPad.


Cool! Thanks @Serenity


Actually, you're not a good clothes drawer at all!

The joke. Get it? Clothes drawer? Pull-out drawer? That type of drawer?

Please post one of your drawings; that may help us think up tips.