Drawing Tutorials


Here I'll be posting drawing tutorials to make your art better on hopscotch or paper!

You can request tutorials too!



I am not on there any more! I removed my self some hours ago!


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But without the last space


I totally need some to turn
This (picture) into a masterpiece


Here's the fist one!

How to draw- EYE


I'll do some tutorials too. You can check the profile "MYD and Tankt2016's Art" to find tutorials. I'm not always able to do screenshots, sorry, but I'll post Hopscotch tutorials!
Going to go do a hair one, bye.

And I learned how to draw better by just LOOKING at Hopscotch drawings. Visual drawing learner.

EDIT: It's up now. Except I decided to do facial features. I did an eye, a nose, and a pair of lips. It's on the account "MYD and Tankt2016's Art". I didn't use color. I used MagmaPOP's Shade Pad.


Use the updated one...


I was just putting it into details for @Wookie