Drawing Tutorial


First find a suitable drawing pad. You may want colours, shades, simplicity or different features. Thee start by drawing a big skin coloured blob. Don't worry about the shape of the face yet we will do that later

Next, draw the outlines of the eyes in black. They are sort of curved

Then draw the eyes. First draw a blob in the colour of the eyes. Then make a black oval in the middle and draw the highlights as circles overlapping the black pupil.

Draw your mouth and nose

Edit the face to make it a better shape

Draw the basic hair

Then add details like shading, highlights in hair, clothes ect


What HSB is the skin color? (I need skin tones for the StarPad (I'll give you credit))


This Is To Draw Girls!!!!!! I'm A Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A HSB similar to that color skin tone is HSB(30,40,600) credit to @DancingLollipop


Copy and paste from the drawing pad. There isn't any reason to give credit since I didn't really create that colour, I just found it on the Internet


This was really cool!!! Keep at your drawings they are cute @JaszyKake!!!!!


Lol i got same profile pic !! Xd