Drawing the forumers!



*just a note that I put this in Collabs, Requests & Competitions because I want basic users and below to be able to see this

Okay! So you have probably seen this already but this is a big picture with lots of forumers all together! So if you would like to be in the drawing then give me a tiny description of what you look like and I will totally add you! I wonder how many forumers we can get!?

  1. @laser_eyed_puppy
  2. @Work_kids_coding
  3. @DogWithAPen
  4. @WynterDiamond
  5. @photographer123
  6. @lollypopcorn
  7. @Snoopy
  8. @AHappyCoder
  9. @treefrogstudios
  10. @William04GamerA
  11. @Explorer_
  12. @Lisa1045
  13. @Milkypup
  14. @Prisonbreak
  15. @FearlessPhoenix


@laser_eyed_puppy I am just a brown haired and brown eyed anime character with a sort of tan skin


Please put me in your forum picture! PLEASE!!!


Your of COURSE in the picture


@laser_eyed_puppy THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Can I be in? I look like this in hopscotch, but make my skin tanner


please sbyp there’s already a topic for drawing forumers, and there’s also a drawing topic.


I would love to be in your picture! I have light tanned skin, long brown hair, brown eyes, and I would like to be wearing a light blue collared shirt and a blue skirt or pants. Please also add cat ears and a tail. Or you can draw me as a blue and gray cat. Thank you!


@laserpais_friends want to be in the picture?


Sure! Thx laserpai! :333


Can you give me a description of you Photo?


Okay, thank you friend!! X3 :D


Can you give me a description of you lolly?


Oh could I be drawn as her?



Okay laserpai! :)

I have short and straight brown hair, light skin, green eyes, and I usually wear colorful clothes :D


Yeah! OMG already 6 people! :ppppp


I’ll join just draw a snoopy!


Can I be in this??


I have kinda red hair and brown canvas jacket blue jersey and jeans with boots


I would do it, but I’ll fill it out tomorrow cause it’s 12pm right now… scared for the hurricane! Errr. SO BAD even someone started crying!


@AHappyCoder What is your gender???