Drawing styles meme PART 3



Hello peeps that draw!
So, have you ever seen these kind of things

The thing

So I was wondering if we (us drawers) could all draw one person in each of our styles, in the same colors and positions and compile them into one photo.
I’ve always wanted to do this and I was wondering if we could all draw some girl. I have no idea what girl we would draw, I would like suggestions.
Hopefully some people join!
This probably makes no sense
I won’t say my style underneath my version, so I’ll just write DWAP.
I will make the photo and send it out to all of you in the photo.

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first ;D))
so I’mma do it on paper… yeah


Can I join?
This looks like fun :D


That is a great idea! Can I join?


could i join :000


Wait do we just have to draw it in our own style or from a specific show like in your example


We draw it our style!

Hey @DogWithAPen, I have no artistic ability… can I join anyways?


Ooh, this looks fun!
Can I join?


ahhh can I do this?? It sounds so fun :000 tysm


I would like to hpjoin


A like means you’re in!
So you draw that pic in your own style, but in the same position and colors


Can i please join? This looks like a lot of fun and i think it’ll come out really cool ^^


@DogWithAPen does this have a due date?


Ok thanks I’ll think about doing it!


Can I join? Ahh, I just posted on the drawing topic about this hehe.


You know what I’ll join too! I’m excited to see everyone else’s styles!


Could I be part of this? It sounds pretty fun.


I will be accepting 2 more people!


This is due hopefully by the end of January


You know I’m already in XD

Are we looking for a portrait or a full body drawing?