Drawing Requests?



Hi! I do drawing requests! I specialize in girls, but trying things out is fun too! All you have to do is tell me your hopscotch name, what you want me to draw, the eye color, clothes, gender, and other details needed! Thanks!


Could I have an example of your art please?


Sure! My other ones look better because I did this one in bed.

You can find other ones in my hopscotch profile. (Holly #Aarmau)


Dark brown straight hair, peach skin, blue eyes, And a red shirt with pink hearts all over it. Note I do not look like this


Ok! Happy Saint Valentine's Day!


I am done! It can be found in my hopscotch account, Holly #Aarmau.


Thanks!! If anyone is reading this, My hopscotch username is now PupCow2016. I like it way better!!