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Hi! Does anyone have a request for me? I will be taking color or grey scale requests! If you request something, it should be done within 3 days, depending on how backed up this gets! Just fill out the form below!
Grey or color?
Eye color-
Skin color-
Hair color-
Hair style-
full body?
Your forum name-

Thanks so much!!!

The Art Request Topic

Um…all topics should relate to Hopscotch in some way


How is this on topic?


Please, post this on the drawing topic.


Next time, don’t make topics like this before checking. This could have been done on the drawing topic… :// Why don’t you post this in the drawing topic, and then maybe recycle this?

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Sorry if I sounded snappy or mean, especially in the beginning… I tend to do that a lot, and unintentionally most of the time.


I see you’re kind of new here and that’s okay. Just a little reminder that you should try to post all drawings on the drawing topic or maybe your general topic. Oh, and by the way, if you’re still taking requests, can you draw my OC? Here’s a link:

This should answer all the questions on the form.


Hi @Dolphin_Art!

All drawing related stuff should be posted on the Drawing Topic (click the link to go there).
Otherwise, all topics should be related to Hopscotch :D