Drawing Requests out soon :)


I am working on a draw pad on my acc. Because most people do not know how I draw, here is an example with the colours that I could use on my draw pad.

Any requests?


That was very quick so I can draw a lot better. :slightly_smiling:




When my drawing pad comes out could you write in on there?


Yeah sure.

Thank you!



Also thank you for all the likes. You are awesome. Just a question do you have another account?


The masks are tricky and my parents do not let me do that stuff because it can cause nightmares. Could I draw something else like a person with like a chevron mask on :slightly_smiling:


Yes I do! But I'm not revealing it :stuck_out_tongue:





Yeah, I know! It's just that he asked for an Anonymous mask, and Anonymous is a hacker group :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Phase_Admin @Rawrbear remember this xD


That's what I would think if I had a cold heart. What's wrong with sharing likes? That's not all I do. Just because I have another account doesn't mean you need to criticize me.


@Follow4LikesOfficial, yeah! :smile:


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Found a typo! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sorry but I can't do it @Follow4LikesOfficial. It is just a family rule anything else?