Drawing Requests Help!



Hey! So, some people want me to draw music albums. I did 2, but then I stopped because I couldn't get the covers correct. SO if you want one, post the pick here like this:

it is easier for me that way!


Is it possible for you to draw portraits?


If you check out my channel, @Qubertion, I do A LOT of portraits!


Wow, yes, I can tell! Could you make one of me? Should I describe myself?


Remix one of my projects! Then yes, totally! If you don't want people to see the request, then put it here! But I'd be happy to. :slightly_smiling:


Ok! I remixed your project requesting.


Yes!!! YAAAAAY! Get ready! Can't wait to draw you!


LOLOLOL @LotsaPizza!!!!


When I remix your projects it remixes from Cheerful Owl. What should I do?
I wrote the request for CheerfulOwl, but I guess it is mainly for you.


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Fox Stevenson - Comeback! (My favorite!)


I'll change the name. You good with that?


One of the first times drawing a boy! I hope you like it, @Qubertion!


How do you do sound?


You drew me, too! :3


Copy your favorite music:

Then paste in Hopscotch:

You should see the album cover, and if you do, ta-da!

It is all just copy/paste, @Stampys_fans!


Wow it looks awesome! :smiley:


Haha, thanks! (One of my first times drawing a boy, so... I am doing @Phase_Studios now!) :sunglasses:


Can you post a screen shot of mine when you are done @LotsaPizza? I am on a MacBookAir. And that I am making MineCraft on Scratch!(To lazy to go over to my room and get my IPad.)


Sigh I'm sorry, boys are hard to draw... @Phase_Studios, do you like it...?