Drawing requests from xXBARNSLEYFCXx Cousin


I will take drawing requests.But instead of on iPad it will be on paper and I will post it here.Is that ok?

tag list


Do you think you can draw this?



Yeah of course

Do u want color or not?


Draw mai imaginary RP characta plz?
Her name is Lindsay
Hair: Staright, dirty blonde
Eyes: Pale green
Hairstyle: Down, parted from middle
Outfit: A pink long-sleeved shirt with with white wiggly lines, grey-ish blue hoodie, long jeans, and light blue sneakers.
Extra: Blue hair clip with pink dots, blue bracelet.


Ok but if it's bad I'm sorry I can't really draw


Just do your best, have a try if you can.:grinning:


Ok :D


I really don't mind if it looks bad


K thx :




I don't care, you can choose. :smile:


K I might take I while coz my iPads at my mums.im totally not procrastinating


I'm so sorry it's really bad but I had to do it quickly.Maybe I will do it again when I have more time


That's awesome! He's so cute! :smile:


Do u mind if my cousin draws it?


Can u draw this? ↓


Can you draw this?




Um can i have a new profile pic by u? It can be anything


Yeah kk I have one lined up