Drawing Requests For tankt2016



We are now taking requests on the TRICERA--PAD!!! But there
are some things that are really important:

  • You must not say if you hate it or if you think it is terrible
  • You must fill out the form on the TRICERA--PAD, not here on The Hopscotch Forum
  • You must note that we only take human requests
  • You must note that you should not turn our TRICERA--PAD into a chat room
  • You must remix with your request from our channel, tankt2016, or we will not see your request and your request will not be drawn
  • You must like your finished drawing request
  • You must note that @system is a robot

Now, you can fill out the request form on the TRICERA--PAD!!! Tap the link below for the TRICERA--PAD.



What does that have to do with requests XD


Just some humor!!!


I would make a request, but I can't cuz I'm at school and don't have meh Ipad with meh


Okay! I will be on later and I just invited @system!!! Bye.


I don't like humans! You should know perfectly well that I am not a human! Why you no draw animals!?


Ummm. Yea. Ignore what I said about me not being A PATHETIC, SHORT LIVED HUMAN!!!


Okay, this is up again, only I am using different pads this time.

Give the form here.


Person, place, animal, or object?
Describe it with lots of detail:


How come others get tons of requests, while I only get three in the whole time I've been Hopscotching? :cry:


I'm literally still thinking about quitting! The boy is not ignored, while I feel like he's better than me and that I'm ignored! :sob:


I would use the friendly mass tag list if it wasn't for uncontrollable scrolling!


SKIN-Olive tone
HAIR-Brown,long,and wavy
DRESS-A long purple dress with straps
SHOES-Black high heels
EXTRAS-Glasses-Black and square and Necklace-White flower






I'll do your request now.

It's the latest project on my profile now, @Sweetlina.


SKIN- pretty pale, like the world's most common skin tone :)
HAIR- dirty blonde, um goes down like right in the middle of shoulder/elbow
EYES- green
ClOTHES- short jeans shorts/sports tank top
SHOES- Sneakers
EXTRAS- um I have earings if u want to do those if they dont look good with what I've said then nevermind i dont care


I've only gotten 1 request....
Though I don't draw on hs anymore


I can do requests for around what, thirty minutes to an hour? Well, bombard me with them now.


I'm ready for as many requests as possible.