Drawing Requests :D



Guys I'm now taking requests so please give me some ;D I'll get them done quick! @everyone

I'd prefer a person ;D


Could you draw a cute bubblegum bubble?


Maybe a person I'd prefer! Maybe like a bubble gum girl? @BubblegumCupcakeMix


Could you draw a flower with headphones?


Kewl! Cool spelled with a K!


@Fluffymarshmellow could you request a person? Sorry ;D


Oh sure that would be great!


How about a person with blue hair, wearing a jacket with headphones


P.S if you want a drawing of someone than I'll make one for you

Meh is a worthy artist


Do you like @Fluffymarshmellow ?


Wow you're a great artist, @Wookie ! Could you draw a person with headphones and a basketball jersey?


Yeah sure ;D @BasketballNerd

And thanks ;D


Nice! Filling the space


Could you draw a girl with brown hair with golden streaks and a headphones and any clothing also with blue eyes and skin color peach?


You are a great artist.


Can you draw (making this up as I go)
A girl with long rainbow hair, light skin, green eyes,

She is wearing a black dress, fairly long, with white sparkles. :smile:


Can you draw me?
You can tell from my profile pic!


Yay! You just made my day!


@Colorfly @Dude73 @LotsaPizza Working on your requests ;D


@BasketballNerd yours is done!