Drawing Requests(@Clover_Studios)


Hello everyone!
I'm taking requests on Hopscotch!
I draw from the chest up. My username on Hopscotch is Clover Studios2016
I also have other art in there that you can look at.(If you can find it...:P)
Here's the form; you can copy and paste it.

Hopscotch Name:
Skin Color:
Eye Color:
Shirt Color(if wanted):
Hair Color:
Hair Style:
Due By:

Thank you, and happy coding everyone!!!

~Clover Studios


Nice! Can I request on the forum?


Sure! That's why I posted it! :wink:


PupCow2016 Long Dark brown hair with pink strips, Disgusted face, cat ears, whiskers, purple shirt with the words "EVIL" on it, and claws.Oh and grey fur with green eyes. Can be due by: Febuary 21, 2016


Hopscotch Name: Kitkat26
Skin Color: Tan
Eye Color: Blue
Shirt Color(if wanted): Purple
Hair Color: Dirty Blond or Blond
Hair Style: Ponytail
Due By: 2/22/16


Okay, thanks!

Hopscotch Name: Doodliedoo
Skin Color: tan
Eye Color: black/brown
Shirt Color(if wanted): black
Hair Color: brown (very dark)
Hair Style: Medium length
Due By: Whenever


Okay, if I like I will do! :wink:
ALso, @Sprouse, how do you want me to do the fur?? Instead of skin, so it's like a standing cat?


Just how ever you want it. I don't really care much. If I asked for too much, you won't have to do it.


Okay, sounds cool! :wink:


Hopscotch Name:FluffyMice!
Skin Color: tan
Eye Color:blue
DRESS Color(if wanted):black with stops
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Style: Left out wavy
Due By whenever


lol Writing them down! :stuck_out_tongue:


K, brb, switching from desktop to iPad.


@Sprouse done!


@Kitkat26 done!


@Doodliedoo done!


Thank you SO much!! It totally looks like me!! You are a really great artist!!