Drawing Requests by Snoop Dogg/All the Other Ridiculous Nicknames


Yeah, I'm doing requests. :3
Request something, give as many details as you want, and I'll try my best! If you don't give enough, I'll fill them in, but I may not get them right.
There's a form now. :slight_smile:

Copy/Paste the Form that You'd Use Below

Human Request Form

Girl or Boy:
Skin Color:
Eye Color-
Hair Color-
Hair Details (ponytail, long, short, down) -
Full Body or Half (Half is bigger, but only includes head and shoulders, plus part of shirt. Full is full body, but less details and smaller.) -
Digital or Paper-
Bad or Good-
Surprise or Not? -
Other Things-

CARTOON Food Request Form

Eyes or Not?
Digital or Paper-
Good or Bad-
Silly Surprise or Not-

Animal Request Form

Digital or Paper-
Good or Bad-
Surprise or Not-
For best results, give an image.

Picture Request Form

Good or Bad?
Digital or Paper?
Surprise or Not?

I'll add my own surprise to make it silly. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you don't want the surprise, say that in your post. :slight_smile:
Also, if I don't do a good job, tell me.
I like to goof around in my drawings.

Waiting List
- Candycane (working on yours)


Can you do me?

And first :D


Sure, what do you want?
Do you want a digital or paper drawing?
My digital ones are usually very bad. :3
Unless you want a purposeful bad one.



im useing an on screen keyboard sorry


Okay, do you want it silly or serious?


whatever u want


Okay, I'll start right after I finish this quick doodle!


Can I have one of me?

I would love a small surprise in it!

I have brown eyes, brown curly hair, and lighter skin. The rest is up to you.



@MrHotdog64, I'm done!
The first one has a message, and it's tilted.
The second one has no message.

I added a silly change!


Okay, I have to do it tomorrow though.


Can a get a purposefully bad digital frog?

With a surprise!


That's fine, whenever you have a chance!


I love it!

ill post a more detailed response soon


Can you draw me a cute penguin holding a video game control? If it's too hard, that's fine. :slight_smile:


Would you like a silly surprise, digital, or paper?
I usually draw on paper.


What would you like me to add to your bad frog?
I'm not sure what I should add as the surprise so I gave it buck teeth.


Can I request something? :D


Just make sure to say if you want it digital or paper, good or bad, or if you want a surprise or not.

Do you think I need a form?


Yes! :D

A form would be easier, and people could just submit a form, instead of making stuff up, and also, you know exactly what they want! :D


Okay, I added a form, but it's still general.