Drawing requests anyone?



I am BORED and I don't know what to do. I may not be the best drawer, but I could try drawing stuff if u like?? Anyway u can request but I can't draw real complicated things. Like realistic hands. And people. I do draw anime though.


Maybe you can try drawing this:


Maybe, I will try :upside_down: Looks hard, but yea I will


... Still working on the bottom flowers lol


Uploading... that's the best I could do :joy::joy::joy: It looks weird... Oh well I tried :blush: Yay I'm done @Dude73


Can you repost the picture? I think it was still uploading when you posted.


Yeah.. It's not working...

Yea now it is working I still think the picture is real bad


It looks awesome! Just keep practicing, you will get better. :smiley:


Really? Thx! I am drawing something else right now, I will upload it as soon as I colour it


Something to do with glam and the sky, or stone like GlamStone but not GlamSky (it's supposed to be a name) any other bright ideas for a name?


Check this out!!!

Her name is GlamWings. Do you like it?


She's really cool! I love the detail and choice of color. :clap::smile: