Drawing requests 4 XxQueenViperxX!



Hey people!
So I am gonna take drawing requests-check out my hopscotch account- on the forum! So plz request and I'll draw it!!!(^_−)☆


I am free to draw stuff and plz?


Draw me. Boy. 11. Black Hair. Wears a beanie. Has sunglasses. Brown eyes. Tanned skin. Abercrombie and Fitch hoodie. Soccer ball in my hand.


Ok I will take a screen shot when I am done and it'll b on hopscotch too!


There u go!
Thx 4 requesting!


Thanks! It looks amazing!!


Ur welcome!!!


Anyone else want one?


Can you draw this?


I will try
Brb, I will post a screen shot soon!


I'm sorry about the hands I'm not the best at them
Thx for requesting!


Thx @Dude73 and @SabotageWarning for requesting!!!


Requests? Anyone?


Draw London in the night for me


I'll try
Thx for another request :blush:


That is super cool! It looks awesome!


Oh really? That means so much coming from you Dude73!


Sry it took so long @SabotageWarning, I just couldn't decide between the bridge or the Big Ben!!!
Hope you enjoy!




Anyone? Request?