Drawing request!


Hey guys! I’m taking drawing requests for characters/people I can’t do anime sorry but I can do…
Girls and boys, cartoons,
Please fill out the form!

Hair style:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Clothes color:


Ooh, can you draw my character? :DD

Gender: Girl
Hair style: Loose, with bangs
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Black
Clothes: Whatever you want, she usually wears very feminine clothing
Clothes color: She usually wears colors like white, purple, pink, or gold
Accessories: She has white wings and bat ears (don’t ask lol)

I know she kind of sounds like a Mary Sue character but she’s not (idk why I had to clarify that lol)


Sure! It might take a while but I will work on it!


I just found this
So why not


No rush, it’s okay :DD

This is only if you want to do it, so no worries if you forget or don’t want to :))


I’m very good at doing tumblr is that ok with u?


Alonso bangs might be a problem but I can do braids or down hair?


Why don’t you move this to the drawing topic? It will certainly get you more requests and recognition as an artist there! =D


I mean-
Yeah, you should probably move this to the art topic


Are these drawing things like ur pfp?
Gender: girl
Hair style: down
Hair color: blue (its not dat irl)
Eye color: brown
Clothes: dark blue t shirt with shorts and white sneakers
Clothes color: um i already said them
Accessories: nothing


What skin color and is blonde hair good?


What exactly do you mean??


Do whatever you want :DD


Ehh I’m not like rlly good at doing exact request I just am really good at this type of work.


Um no I want blue @EmojiArts
I love blue