Drawing Request Tips!


Well, first you want to display how you can draw! You have to either make your own drawing pad or use one that someone else made! Draw a few people before you say your taking requests, you could start by drawing your family or TV characters so people get to know your style! Then, after a day or two, say that your taking requests and draw a picture before publishing! You might get tons of requests because people like your style or you may get none because you are younger and not as experienced in drawing yet, but keep practicing! I hope this helps some people!


I take drawing requests. I Don't get many, but i just like to draw. and btw on hopscotch i am Drew Studios


Ok, I will def look u up


Thx!! I'm on now jsyk so if your on you can request now.


Hey, can I request for a picture? BTW, good tips! :smiley:


Um, yeah! I would LOVE that! Just remix on of my drawings like ariels's sister, ARIANA with your request! Ps. What is ur username on Hopscotch?


Hi @SASSYSINGER I think you are right by saying you needtp to practice because recently I changed my drawing style. So basically find a style that is comfortable to draw for you and keep practicing. :smile:


Yep, that's right!!!


Hey SS,
Could you do a drawing tutorial on either the forum or on Hopscotch?:pray:🏾
BTW, love your drawing


Sure, I guess! 20 characters


Here are a few other tips:
1. Tell people that you want to know how to draw easy anime eyes! This always works.
2. Try making these black lines around the drawing to make it look neat! But don't make them too thick or else it will look bad
3. You can also get inspiration on drawing from another hopscotchers!