Drawing problem?


I think that people should stop with the drawing. Hopscotch is about coding and learning, not drawing. Making a drawing pad is cool, but publishing artwork, not cool. It makes Hopscotch look like a art app. What do you think?

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I don't know! I think that there are multiple topics for this though! Try searching for them with the gray magnifying glass in the top right corner before you make a topic for it!


There are many topics anout this, but you just can't say stop drawing to everyone. I personally like to draw and I do draw. I don't think it's a problem because drawing pads have to be coded.


Drawing pads are cool, but publishing artwork isn't. Yes your artwork rocks, but I think it's something that would have a bad affect in the future.


You can check out these topics for more info:

These have lots of good opinions and are very useful!


I still feel it's ok as long as they code their own drawing pad. Again like I said, you can't go on Hopscotch and tell everyone to stop drawing forever and just code. If you did, what would be the point of making drawing pads. It would be a waste of time to make one.


Art is perfectly fine as long as people aren't only doing that


Yeah, I do art, but I coded my own drawing pad. And I code a lot too! I have like 3 huge projects in progress right now. :slightly_smiling:


I think it's ok (but then again I'm an artist), I also made my own drawing pad (I made two actually), and I have a separate account for coding. I think people should (if they want to draw) at least try to make their own drawing pad, and code once in a while


But there is a catagorie for art. Its #art.


There's a lot of topics for this, and well if you make the pad (this is my opinion) I think you can draw on the pad too! But you can't say "everyone isn't allowed to draw anymore" because they will still draw. But you can ask them to code a bit more:)