Drawing Pad X v4 Updates

Nope. It uses what you’re describing as some sort of support mechanism, but other than that I think it’s completely unrelated to the thing you’re describing.


ah ok - then good luck on the project :slightly_smiling_face:


I plan to add this too because I’d much rather paste a hex code than enter 3 numbers

I have that planned because it’s really simple but nice. You can also change the amount times it’s mirrored, right? Or you haven’t added that yet?

Edit: didn’t see that it was one axis, but I think you can still make that work out of the existing custom rule, if I’m not mistaken?


So far, I only have support for Vertical Symmetry, Horizontal Symmetry, Quadrant Symmetry, and Radial Symmetry (the basic version of Radial Symmetry; 45°), which all can be enabled under :gear:.

On top of that, I have HSB and RGB sliders that update live (to an extent), StraightEdge (which I mentioned), adjustable pen/eraser width (from a width of 1 to 200 (with a preview)), hold to clear all feature (hold the eraser to clear all), and Snap to Grid.

The main reason I didn’t do the more advanced Radial Symmetry is because of the more clones I would need.

Funny thing about that, I made this project before I knew the custom rule was a thing. I think I even made the project before the update that added these custom rules (and when I still had the iPad Pro 11).


the pen is kinda laggy, which is probably explainable by all the check ifs you have in there. i personally would find another way to include all of that because it makes it a bit annoying to draw with.

ack i just realized im looking at the older version, so idk if you’ve fixed it since then.


Yeah even though the project runs at 60, I agree – am addressing that though


Rotational Symmetry would be easy to add, as it’s just 360 / clone amount, plus the angle offset of the main clone.

I might make a new “even more pro” art pad with unbelievable features.

What features would you like to see (or should exist) in an art pad?

Keep in mind, I’m not skilled enough to do layers or storing them.

  • How many times would you like to be able to mirror a pen stroke?
    • Want to be able to move the mirror axes around? (Might be too hard to pull off)
  • Color options?
  • Additional Features?
  • Should I keep the toolbar visible at all times, or make a small thing you can move around and expand at any time? (so you can utilize the entire canvas [1])

  1. and mine is 1366 x 1024 ↩︎

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Or in the case of the built in custom rule, ignore the multiplier of -1 on the mirror angle offset.



Why not?

RGB, HSB, HEX is a good selection, plus a color pallet

I’m thinking collapsible for mine, maybe something more like Drawing Pad X version 2.0 but more unified and with popout menus


I literally did just that. I even added a “rotational” parameter to the preset custom rule. (With some code to make the traditional symmetry work without issue. Not sure I’ll be able to do all 100 axis of symmetry though… My device can handle it, but I’m not sure about the other devices…

Fun fact: StarPad Pro was going to have multiple color palettes, but I never got around to implementing them.




Any thoughts on this sort of design for interface? Or any preferences on which side of the screen this should be on?



I think you should make it so the user can choose where to put the toolbar (top or bottom).

In Procreate (the main drawing app I use), the tools are at the top of the screen, in my StarPad Pro, they are at the bottom, and in my old ProPainter Studio, they seem to be all over the place, lol…

If you want to save visual space, you could make it so tapping a selected tool again brings up the tool library (like the brush library, symmetry options, etc.)


This would be difficult to do in HS because of the UI buttons (spacing would have to be different)

What about left side, or right side since that’s generally where it’s easiest to reach (unless you’re left-handed, then left side would be easiest to reach probably)

Already doing that, but the summary text is still going to be there


Yeah, I’m left-handed, but I really don’t mind where the tools are oriented.


Put it on the bottom, on the sides make it feel cluttered and the top makes it feel like you have less space. If you don’t have enough space then make arrows on the bottom that open up into more advanced tools and make the more simple and the most useful tools already on the bottom.

Mirroring is one of these less useful tools that are more advanced so I would replace that with the green i icon so it doesn’t clutter up the undo/redo and is more easy to find.


You’d be able to show and hide regardless, but bottom sounds good to me too!

I’m not in need of removing anything right now, and the undo/redo/info buttons will be pretty big relative to the text. Like someone else suggested, that might also be on the very right side of the screen so it’s not somewhere in the middle

Good feedback though!


Yes definitely add more pens, and I’m liking the sound of “secret pen” :eyes:


the sound isnt really needed, but it was a nice touch. I wouldn’t mind either way! (as long as it still doesn’t cause lag)

This would be great to have! I don’t use this much personally but it would still be a useful feature to have.


Ok so that secret feature I was talking about might also be able to double up with some other functionality in Drawing Pad X v4, sooooo yeah and that has definitely not been attempted in HS before.

So exciting! Almost as exciting as never gonna give you up (← not that, but I do actually have something that’s not quite ready yet. Might be modding, might not be modding – keep your guesses to yourself for now)


Quick question @Good-Es – if you were using an art pad, how long would your longest stroke be? Stroke = the sequence from first touching the screen all the way until you lift. Basically, how long would you keep your finger pressing the screen for?

(Currently the limit I’m thinking in terms of storing the stroke is about 2.5 minutes. I don’t see anyone taking that long for one stroke, but I’m curious on what your thoughts are?)


i think you went to far lol
max 30 sec for me


Cool. It’s really just a matter of how many digits to store when telling the drawing pad how long a stroke is. The next shortest option would be ten times less, so about 15 seconds, and I think that could be pretty limiting.