Drawing pad with any color collab



ok this is a collab where we're going to make a drawing pad that has a feature where you can pick any color possible to draw with! I'm asking @t1_hopscotch to help because she made a custom color picker project in hopscotch with I think toaster rebellion and knows all or the majority of the code for it so she would be a big help. the account username is draw inc. and the pass is draw.
because this is probably going to get hacked, whenever we make a project on the account, we'll publish it and then log in to our main profile and fund the project and save it as a draft and then publish it on our main accounts so its like a backup! everyone I repeat EVERYONE must do this because ill literally be checking profiles!
the requirements are:
you must be able to make a drawing pad with normal colors
you must be familiar with clones,values and math andc know how to use them in projects
and you must know how to deal with hackers (just in case)
you also must have at least 10 likes on a project and because I'm nice ill actually make it 5
and you must have at least have one project in trending or rising (or featured which is optional)
I hope to see you on the account and also expect for us to be hacked


I'll just clarify for you. I would love to join, but I am currently occupied. Technicall, literally every project is on trending. Some are just further up. Again, sorry that I can't join.


t1 did it all. Toaster Rebellion had nothing to do with it, I was her old friend


its ok @Gilbert189


oh then that makes it perfect!
would you like to join @PopTart0219?


t1's colour picker used objects and trasparances I think that is about impossible :wink:


but think about it the code she used found out the color and then drew the color with thw hsb's we can just do that draw code with a value and make a object draw with that color
you just gotta think about it @AHappyCoder


Ok this is how I understand t1's code: there are some basic HSBs and then there is a object for the saturation and one for the brightness, you can't make an HSB a value :wink:



whoops caps lock was on sorry


You could use a clone draw but that would be very limeted :wink:


ok well its possible


Do you mean the colour wheel? she used pre-found HSBs for that and a lot of hard coding :wink:


A this is very aplicable to some projects I trying to make


we'd need the whole project minus the things that say the hsb plus a drawing pad!
can you please just log on to the account so we don't spoil what we're making?


I don't especially want to log in to another account :wink: If it gets hacked/hated I don't want to be blamed :wink:


if it gets hacked I have a backup plan

and why would you get blamed?


Because I just logged in :wink:


meh no wike dis 20 ding




I'm making a chatroom