Drawing Pad partner!



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@Hermione did you email me yet?


Yes I did !
I'm in Europe so maybe it takes a while


Oh ok! Will wait for now, btw how many colors are we going for? 50-100?


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Ok do you want to join us?


Don't know as many as we can!


Ok! I would like but I ran out :stuck_out_tongue:


I run out too just now


That's weird, I didn't receive it!

Did you email

hopscotch.orange@gmai l.com
(With no space between the i and l?)


Hi! I've joined, but I don't have the pass.
My email is: jonnypappas02@g mail.com (no space)


Yes ok I made my email now how to I connect it to my iPad


I e-mailed you too !


Ok, you can delete that post since we know the user and pass now


I don't have it... Did you spell it right?


Hello? How do I connect my new email to my iPad??????


Have you got an g-mail app?
If you have I will tell you the next step if you haven't you need to down load it!


No but I will start there


Go to settings, email, fill in the last bit of info, say to use the mail app or g mail if you have the app


Ok down load the app!


I can't download the app!
I remember the passwords and usernames though, so it's fine