Drawing Pad How-To: Drawing Pad of Awesomeness


If you are stuck and need help with your drawing pad, come HERE. My own drawing pad took a pretty long time to make. The code isn't very complex but repeating the same coding is pretty annoying. You can't use the ability block coz there are little differences in each block.

Drawing Pad Part:
You will need to branch someone else's cool drawing pad, maybe two to five pads that have amazing features. On a notebook you can use, write down the code they all have.

Watch the video, take note while watch it. Remember to write down the important features that you needed for a drawing pad.

Have a plan of your own pad. You can draw it down or to keep an image in your head. Think up something cool to add in your drawing pad as an eye-catch unique feature. And think of a name of the pad that is related to YOU. Like OrangeScent's pad is called :tangerine:rangePad. Mine is called StarryPad​:dizzy:. Note down these things, remember.

Color Part:
It's easy just using Hop colors. Many people stuck with the custom colors. Actually the Hop update made them easy. Branch t1's HSB Color Picker. Pick and note down the colors so you can remember them. Scroll down from the Random box and type down the numbers. Easy!

Good Luck with your drawing pad!:wink:
Here's a screenshot with my pad in process.


How do you make an art pad?

i haven't seen a drawpad that shades as someone draws.
I mean like light blue that slowly changes to dark blue.
If you had this feature u will probably be the first.


Like while drawing, it changes the "B" a couple?

If so, I'll look into it!


Thnx! Just my little idea coz sometimes you need them for your art.:wink:


B stands for brightness!:slight_smile:


Reply with your own plan. Or have a screenshot of your drawing pad in process!


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No offense t1 but I think this color picker is better I tested all of them

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My minion pad took me 2-3 days to make.... I'll help you revive this!

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