Drawing Pad How-To: Different Hairstyles



We all enjoy drawing on Hopscotch. But sometimes it can be frustrating if you are stuck on something…
…like hairstyles.
This is where I post tutorials of different hairstyles.
If you are one of the people who got stuck with hair, this is the perfect place for you to find help!
You can tell me what hairstyle you are stuck on, and request me to make a tutorial.
I will try my BEST to make the BEST tutorials I can ever make.
I hope you will find my tutorials helpful! @NeonThoughts did on my other tutorial topic!:wink:

Drawing Pad How-To: Anime Hairstyle
H.A.B Leaders+ Discussion Topic!

Miss Listie



Off-topic: Omg @NeonThoughts! I checked your profile. The hairstyles you drew are AWESOME!:wink:

On topic: Still no one? Ok I'll just post a tutorial of how to draw a side fishtail braid…


Argh! It really took me a while to draw the whole thing here is the tutorial:
Hmm, a side fishtail braid in reality looks like this:

But, how are we gonna draw something that look so complicated?:thinking:
Well, it only look complicated actually! If you took patience and practice you can draw a fishtail very easily. Follow my steps and you might find something helpful.

1.Start with a head.

No head, no hair, no hairstyle!

2.Draw the outlines.

For the out line, use a dark shade of the hair's color. If you are using light brown like I did, then you should use a medium brown color. Remember, NEVER EVER start sketching the strands of the braid at this point. If you do, you will find it VERY difficult coloring in.

3.Start coloring in.

Add some lines to the hair. But not the braid yet.

4.Here come the "hard" part!

Draw a line dividing the braid in half. Then draw the little strands of the fishtail. It really doesn't need to be perfect. Oh, you may want make the hair tie into a cute little bow!

5.Decorate the background.(Optional)

You can skip this part, but it really would be nice if you decorate the background!

6.Ready to publish!

Here's your fishtail braid. TA-DA!

Done! Plz comment with you found my tutorial helpful!:wink:




I wont end up using this as I don't draw on HS, but yeah, it's cool.


Thnx! You like drawing on paper?:wink:




I sometime draw on Hop and sometimes on paper.:wink:


Here is some of my artwork on paper:

Mum says these are awesome but they are still not good enough for me…:wink:


Way better than my artwork xD
I can't really draw humans xD


I thought humans are really easy to draw


Seems like @SpreadPositivity like this topic!:wink:


I can't get the proportions or positioning of different things right
Like eyes and nose for example


I do not understand what is it like to be not good at drawing something…:grin::grin::grin:


Yay what's ur account called??


OMG that looks amazing you deserve way more likes than 10-25!!!!


Could u draw this??
Also what's ur account I will follow u and like all your projects a,so it's cool u live in new zealand


Oh my goodness I obsessed with anime now..so I can't even look at this or I will go crazy and start watching anime for 24 hours straight again..but it's amazing.


Yep! This seems easy to me!:wink: