Drawing Pad How-To: Anime Hairstyle



Hair sounds hard to draw. Thousands and hundreds of silk-like threads on a person's head……………
But if you know the instructions and had enough skills, hair is not hard at all!
Are you ready? Here we go!
Today we will do the girly girl pink hair. Even though it is not very good to dye your hair pink. But let's start!

1.First, we start with a person's head. Do a simple skin outline and color it in.

2.Then create the hairstyle. I did parted fringe but you can do whatever you want. Remember, outline first! Plus, use a deeper color than the hair's color for the outline. If you wanna do blonde hair, use an orangy yellow color. If your hair is brown, use very dark brown for the outline.

3.Good? Awesome! Now you can color your hair in.

4.We got to fix the outlines…

5.Do some shading. Final touches.Done!


Cool, isn't it? I said this is easy!
Got it? If yes, reply with your hairstyle!


@Maltese thnx for liking this!


You're welcome! c:

I feel like this can be very helpful to others! :D


Cool tutorial!!


Thank u guys! I'll be happy if u send me screenshots of ur art!


La la la la la la la la…:musical_note::notes:


Who is the pad by? And what is it called lol.


This is EXTREMELY helpful!!! Thank you so much! Im always stuck on hair!


That pad is by @StarryDream herself!


I'm happy :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


Wait a sec, why don't u use the thing u learned from my tutorial and reply with a screenshot?



I did sookie's hair

Meh previous art but still


Sure i'll do a before and after screenshot


Awesome!:wink: I'm happy to see that someone found my tutorial useful!


You've got Procreate too?


Yes :D


Cool. I hope you like my tutorial!


I love this tutorial! Can you do one for anime eyes?


I've already done one


Have u done yours? I'm desperate to see it