Drawing pad help needed!


I am making a HUGE drawing pad. Any tips, ideas, HSB colors, etc?
Anyone who helps on the forum by giving tips, ideas and colors will be in credits. I will mention u by your HS forum name. If you would like credit given to a different name, let me know.

ps. If I forget to mention you in the credits when i post the pad, let me know here.


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Don't make too many features, as it will cause more lag than a normal pad. But here are some features I've seen and think are cool:

  • emoji draw
  • cursor invisibility option
  • different pen options, like pencil or pen
  • paintbrush option!
  • an ability to hide/show all options
  • emoji tracing


These are all great ideas! I will probably use some of these, and your name (dragonlover975) will be in the credits. Thanks!