Drawing pad help needed- Thanks!



I am trying to make a drawing pad but it is hard kind of hard especially with the custom colors and width. I have a draft of a small drawing pad with a few colors so I'll publish in a bit. Please? I just need a little help... :elephant::v:


Hi, I would be happy to help you!

For the width, all you need is one value called width or something similar. The code looks like
When :arrow_up_small: is pressed
Increase value width by one

The same would apply for making the width go down.
When :arrow_down_small: is pressed
Increase value width by -1

There is also a video that you can watch for custom colors. It is easier to watch the video because it would take me a long time to explain custom colors.


well for the colors to change you would on the dragging rull you would do when the ipad is pressed check once if w else with a leave a trail color inside it and so on and so on if you need up just publish it with To: SGS or To: SnowGirl Studios and i'll check it out @TinyElephant


The way I did it was (assuming you already had a working cursor)

When whatever symbol you are using for your color is tapped, set the value color to one for your first color, two for your second color etc.

Next make a rule for your cursor. I used a plus sign. When the color equals whatever number, change the color to whatever color that number is.

If you have any more questions, feel free to keep asking! :smile:


Hi @TinyElephant, I am LotsaPizza, a "master" artist on Hopscotch!
I have made quite a bit of drawing pads, so I am happy to help you! I draw a lot too lol but just give me a call! Again, I am @LotsaPizza. <3


I think you should add as many colors as you want! The more colors, the bigger chance that you have a shade similar to something an artist has in mind. Besides, eveyone has a different skin tone.


You don't have to do only HSB Colors because the normal Hopcotch colors are pretty good to start out with. What do you mean when you say credits?


You can put a small text in a corner that says the people who helped you.