Drawing Pad Glitch?


Sometimes when I use a drawing pad on Hopscotch, somthing happenes and it kind of leaves an extra line where I don't want it to. Does this happen to anyone else?

In the picture above, I was just drawing a straight line but it bumped out to the side.

Is this a glitch with Hopscotch or the code?

(I would leave a link to a drawing pad project but I'm not really sure how! :laughing:)




That happens to me all the time!!! It's really annoying!


It used to be much worse, but THT fixed it a bit. Try drawing slowly.


Yeah I've gotten that a lot. I've told @thomas about it so THT are working on it :wink:


Yah, there's no solution for it now.
It messes up 99% of my drawings.


Try Landscape on an iPad. It might not happen :wink:


Oh no @Madi_Hopscotch_ I think this might be a glitch :frowning:


It happens to me as well. But they fixed it.