Drawing pad giveaway! (@CreativeCoder wins, congrats!)



hi everyone, I'm gonna give away a drawing pad that includes 15 HSB colors! The rules are simple:

1) comment on this saying your hopscotch username

2) please do not get mad if you don't win

3) even if you already have a drawing pad, you can still win :slightly_smiling:

This will end on February 1st, and then I will pick a random person in the comment section, then I will say that they won and then I'll remix one of their projects and make a drawing pad on it.

Good Luck!



Eh, why not? My Hopscotch name is Nerd4EverCF.


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I am Dancing Lollipop


Anyone else wanna enter?


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Fifi the funny flower :blossom:




Sure? Follow4likesofficial



[print ',I am']
(sorry if wrong code...)


great! and for everyone else, get your entry in before February 1st!


I am RubyWolf (this is awesome @Ihasfluffycupcakes!)


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??? are you trying to enter or your glad no one posted something bad here?


I'm Creative Coder and I'll enter this thing

'cause why not


No I'm trying to enter :stuck_out_tongue:


I'll enter because why not?
Giraffedolphin26 :dolphin:


I guess so :neutral_face:


Ok then. My Hopscotch name is tom_ando


I'll enter!