Drawing Pad colors/ music?



As some of you know, we are creating our own drawing pad. We are looking for some hopscotchers willing to lend us some HSB Colors. Right now we are looking for some purples. If you could lend us some other colors that would be awesome! If anyone could give us a simple tune for our pad that would be great, too! Anyone who helps with either of these two items will receive these prizes:

  1. A mention in the credits of the drawing pad.

  2. A follow from Uptown Studios.

  3. 10 likes!


Have fun with this website.


What type of "simple tune" do you want?


heres a bunch of purples and violets
[enPurples and Violets http://colors.findthedata.com/l/268/Royal-Purple)


Here are some purples:
More are coming!


"Music" attracted me here. What's up?


A basic song with only about 10-20 notes that we can repeat forever in the background of the drawing pad. We would love it if you could do the music @CreativeCoder!


We are creating a drawing pad and are looking for some music for the background!


I'm up for it! What kind of mood?


Happy. Preferably slow-moderate speed. Something people would like to draw to.


On it! I'm working on @Curved_Guitar's soccer game music, so I'll put that 2nd on the list.


@BlackDawn thank you so much for the website!


Thank you so much! @Follow4LikesOfficial


@Follow4LikesOfficial I'm a guy... But that's not what it says in the shoutout.
P.S. Thanks for doing a shoutout for me!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here's a thing I put together. It's a version of Swan Lake, but adjusted by me



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Oops! Lol I thought you were a girl the whole time I knew you


Thank you @CreativeCoder


Since you have @CreativeCoder's, do you still want me to make one?


Yes please! I will probably make an option where you can turn on either of the two. You will both receive a credit though!