Drawing Pad Collaboration 2016


Hey Everyone,
I've been wanting to make a Drawing Pad but it's a lot of work.
So I need your help, I'm making an art pad Collaboration!
Up to five People can Join, 3 coders, 1 Layout artist and Me :)
I have written the job applications below,
Please remember that this is advanced coding and a huge responsibility.


  • Needs to have made a Drawing Pad before.
  • Must be organized and Carefull.
  • Needs to be really active.
  • Must be amazing with HSB.

Layout Artist:

  • Must be Artistic and Cautious.
  • Have an eye for detail.
  • Be knowledgeable about layout.
  • Must be active and Neat.

P.S: Please be Honest with your answers :)

People Chosen for Now:


I haven't made one I I know how..


ill help :smiley:


You'll have to Sign Up :)

I will choose who gets in when I read them.


Made RainART, 2.0, and 3.0.
Far too organized
Really Active
God with HSB

Layout Artist
Pretty darn cautious
Have you SEEN RainART?!
I've been building off my own designs, can do with any of yours.
Again both Active and neat


I'd like to be a coder


I adore RainART 2.0!!


thicks. 3.0 was made bc 2.0 crashed too much. already, its lagging too.


It's not lagging for me.


well, my ipad mini lags, im using an ipad air 2 rn.
btw im on my laptop


10th reply


I'll be choosing Soon.


lol, the last version of 2.0 was 9 weeks ago, and 3.0 pb2 has been out for 5 weeks now


I like 2.0 better than 3.0


3.0 looks considerably better and is faster and has more features (if not somewhat underdeveloped features)
also it actually uses precolored preset colors. it just looks cleaner over the clunky, and slow 2.0 and original. boy, the original was ugly, the ugliest in fact.


It's just the layout on the 2.0 was better than 3.0
I nominated it for featured :)


too bad that if you wanted to draw, you were basically drawing on a phone with two more on either side. Also i uploaded the original rainart for reference reasons



This was really necessary.


tru. k, lets talk bout YOUR pad.


if you enjoyed 2.0, you could branch it with credit, or design your own with a customized design of 2.0, cause you seem to like it. (this whole time i was typing with one hand how cool is that?)