Drawing pad collab! (no more space. Sorry!)



I started off with a neon green color.


Ah someone please reply ; )


I'll help I made a successful one


Sorry. I was Trick-Or-Treating. I am going on the account now.


It's ok :smiley: I know a bunch of people were trick or treating since its Halloween.


@Ihasfluffycupcakes I'm going to add two drafts. One is a mini chat room, so we don't fill our drawing pad with texts, and the other us a sign up draft and you put your name there when you are working. When I sign in, do you want me to put gamergirlofgamers, hoppertohopscotch, or gamergirlofgamers/hoppertohopscotch? Because those are my names in hopscotch and the forum.


Are you still taking people?


Yes (20 characters ★☆★☆★☆★☆★)


I would like to help


I knew we would get hacked what is the username I can find out the pass


@Fifithefunnyflower Username: DrawingCollab


Can I join? I can make drawing pads easily and if I'm accepted could I have the username andpassword


Got a screenshot, thanks! Just logged out so perfect timing :slightly_smiling:


great! now go into the account and work on the drawing pad


and btw the drawing pad wasn't published its in drafts


And hey!!! Who messed up the colors!!! You must be honest!!


Brb today is my birthday I'm gonna have a birthday party for one and a half hours


I dont know but i was adding stuff so i put my name on the active button and my name got deleted and my name was deleted on the list of names and happy birthday!


Happy birthday @Ihasfluffycupcakes can I join drawing pad collab


I added a color to the drawing pad and you deleted it and replaced it with non custom colors. It was a really good pink, too!!! WHY DID YO DO THAT!!!

By the way happy b-day, @Ihasfluffycupcakes!!!

I did not mess up the colors I promise. I tried to add one.