Drawing pad collab! (no more space. Sorry!)



Lol, I feel my picture has a more "respect the admin" feel. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I'm still doing it but I'm really busy, I'll try to get on more soon


Ok. And does anyone have color ideas?


And everyone's busy right now lol....


Sigh..... Well at least maybe someone replies to me...


I can work on somethings for it

Drawing Pad Collab (No More Space. Sorry! <3)

i used a link to create another topic for you guys so it doesn't get really crowded in this one topic :smiley:


The background color in the editor! :smiley:


Oh yea! And I'm really glad people made that because it was very useful to find a skin color when I was making a model in hopscotch.


@friendship2468 just asking are you sorta busy or something?


hellooo? where is everybody???


Sorry about that, I'm just working on this new School to Cool episode and another Don't You Know?! episode, plus a few new colors for Hopscotch Draws! But I think I might cancel the Hopscotch Draws! colors and work on my episode and invent a new movie called Attack of Emojis, which will not have iOS 9.1 emojis because I don't have the update because my mom doesn't wanna get it. Sorry off topic gettin back


BEG HER!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Just kidding!


I cants he said no every time I asked her so no way, man!


A cool tip to tell your mom! iOS 9.1 fixes a lot of glitches in iOS 8! Take all of the good things out of this article!


Sorry, I was having a day out with my grandparents. (I'd it just me or does that sound weird?)


Wow you're lucky because I can only visit my grandparents every 2 years because they live all the way in Russia!


@Ihasfluffycupcakes 0_o wow. This is getting off topic.


oops, sorry. And I heard that there is someone who is hacking a bunch of collab accounts so we better be careful....


@Ihasfluffycupcakes I know right. We are lucky! 0\/0