Drawing pad collab! (no more space. Sorry!)



Hey guys, I'm thinking of doing a collab with some people, and the goal is to make a awesome complicated drawing pad! Almost like the VibrantPad only it has more features! I think I want @friendship2468, @Hoppertoscotch, and @Fifithefunnyflower to help as well. But of course you need to know how to make at least a simple drawing pad. But if we end up making the drawing pad very quick, we can make other stuff as well! (I will tell you the username and password soon :wink: )



First one to reply gets free likes!


Ok. I will join. And, I CAN make a drawing pad, it just might take me a second due to me usually doing games, not art or anything like that. I will make a drawing pad now just to make sure I DO know how to do it.


I can make a drawing pad, I would really like to join!!!


of course you can join! you can start by logging into the collab account and working on the drawing pad!


Thanks, I'll do that right now


Wait, by drawing pad you mean like drawing stuff right. I just wanted to make sure


I mean like one of those drawing pads were you can change the color and width, and when someone publishes it, then anyone can use it to draw [of course]


Yeah. Before I completely join I want to make sure I can make what is required to be able to be made. I will notify when done.


Okay, I just wanted to make sure


and for the colors, they can be hopscotch colors or custom colors.


Sorry im not on a lot but a drawing pad im willing to help!!!!


I already have a drawing pad
Although its quite simple


@Ihasfluffycupcakes this is how I think of making drawing pads. Do you like it?


ok! so I already made a post that shows you the account username and password, and its okay if you cant go on so often ill get more members


yes! I'm totally fine with that


Twenty. Characters


Aww, I really want to join, but I'm working on my own! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Maybe when your done you can help with the collab! You don't have to if you want


Maybe, but that'll take a LOT of months. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: