Drawing Pad Collab for @XiaoMiaoMi



Okay so this topic is for a drawing pad collab for me and @XiaoMiaoMi. Okay so I've started on the format and I've done the size. I've figured out most of the colours!


Okay, so could you link it here?


I haven't published it yet because I'm setting all the colours that don't work.


Here's a screenshot


Hi guys! I love your artwork!! I am wanted to start drawing on Hopscotch and I wanted to see if you guys wanted to work together!?! If not it's fine. It was just an idea.


Just an idea, but don't you want them to remix? I mean, I'm sure they want to to share there drawings and not just keep it to themselves! Think about it :wink:


They would want to remix, and they would. People use drawing pads for requests, then the drawing pad gets popular. And they also remix so the Hopscotch Community can see their drawings. How about you change that to "Do Not Copy"?
And I agree with @DancingLollipop.


Or you can add "Please do not take credit!"!


Close the topic now..