Drawing or coding requests for SnowboardGirl48



I do a lot of drawings and have been trying to get some codes in there. I would love to take some requests here. Just comment below.:smiley:


Code a potato in space! :D


Can you draw a panda eating a Kitkat bar? That would be so awesome!!


Can you draw your icon?


Done! You can check my profile or here is the link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xwpj3rqea


Hmm that's weird it wasn't doing that weird thing with the black in drafts, I'll fix it right now.


Can you do our profile picture with trail Artaud(silly auto-correct) Art?


Ok I fixed it. Here is the link


Done you can check my profile, I don't think links will work with drawings.


It's done! To see it you can my profile. I did it in normal drawing form but currently working on a copy with trail art art. It should be done probably later today or tomorrow.


It's done. You can check my profile.


That looks awesome!


Aw.. Thank you so much!! It's so cute!!