Drawing on pepper compared 2 drawing on iBed! (Official 64!)



So no I'm not a random dude that decided to make a 64th drawing topic because I can. But I made this for a reason. Some people get rly mad at dum topics like this because they don't read the topic. I mean I'm not saying ppl r doing it rn, cuz I haven't seen anyone do dat in centuries. But I'm just trying to teach something to ppl. Read the topic first. Pls. k thicks.


yes me spelling the words wrong was a test to see if people learned from this :+1: W8 dat doesn't make sense oh well


I don't draw on pepper and wat is an iBed?


Read the topic pls k thicks


So your making this to show what now?


WHat topic am I supposed to read?


Dat was da whole lesson read the topic


So what are you trying to show?

I got it


I dont understand. Im going to read 8 more times brb


Drawing sanik compared to drawing shedow official 6





What do you mean? This just seems to be a random topic to me


I like drawing on mai iBed better, it's totally wayyy more comfy :3


I completely agree. People just scroll through (especially long topics) and replied saying "this isn't correct" or something like that.


@Himynameismeredith1 and @MR.GAM3R, please read the topic


Basically what Pixy is saying is
Some people just scroll through topics and say "This is wrong" or something like that

They just assume stuff


I know. Idk why I did that... but I do agree, some people just get mad at topics because the titles, weird. •-• some people just glance at the actual post and create a flame war.

(Edit: @PixelMaster64 good topic.)


Read the topic




What topic is that?


I was joking jus read the topic